How Do You Know If Pancreatitis Will Turn Into Pancreatic Cancer? My Husband Was Given Two Years To Live A Year Ago And Is Still Going. He Has Really Bad Days Alot Caused By All The Medicine. At This Point It Is Still Acute Panreatitis But He Seems


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My husband was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis over 7 years ago, on that day I was told 3 days or less, make arrangements.  He is still alive and in the same condition as your husband.  He has lost 100 pounds, he is now 5'7 and 130lbs.  We had most of his pancreas removed a year ago ( which caused diabetes on top of the pancreatitis ) as he had developed 3 cysts that would not go away.  I am afraid that this is just the life they live once diagnosed.  My husband is still throwing up everyday 7 years later.  It does help if he takes his pancreatic enzymes and eats a low fat low cholesterol diet.  Also, not over doing it, when he was healthy he worked a lot and now if he does that he gets really sick but is better when he doesn't.  I really feel that the Dr.s that removed most of his pancreas should have removed the entire pancreas as he is diabetic anyway ( which is why they left a piece, in hopes that he would not be diabetic ).  You may want to ask your husbands  Dr. If that is an option.  Diabetes is much easier to live with than pancreatitis.  I hope this was helpful to you.
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Yes, any chronic (long term) inflammation (.....itis) can turn into cancer. Other examples would be chronic bronchitis to lung cancer and colitis to colon cancer.
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It really bothers me when DRS give patients a time frame. No-one knows our fate! Live each day as if it's our last as we all should with or without suffering from a terminal disease....none of us know what tomorrow brings. Ask your GP for anti-nausea meds which are avail and should help. All the best.

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