How do you stop being so emotional?


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You can't stop being emotional, but you can create environment so the people will stop upsetting you.
For instance, if it is your parents and teachers - think before you speak up. Even if you don't agree - use words that show your respect to them like "I know you have a very good experience with that, still my point of view is...".
Don't express annoyance at any point- keep your calm, even when you are talking about your feelings.
Even when someone is not with you - be positive with your approach to them. It's kinda two-faced but works.
Keeping it positive while speaking up your viewpoint - is the key.
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We all need our emotions I don't think you can.
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Tony Newcastle
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Of course you are, sweetheart.
Maxine:....if I was looking a Ray Ottewill's photo, then I would be as well.
Ray Ottewell
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Are you calling me sweetheart now Toni I have told you you will have to look for another man to love Toni I am married you know.
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Omg, why are you talking about Ray now?
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Quit stealing things and than asking for sympathy. Then all your problems will be solved and you'll be a better person.
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You do not even know me well enough to judge me.
Rachel Pruitt
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Oh I'm sorry. I should sympathize. I'm SO sorry that you just have to steal ur brothers well-earned saved up money so that u can go out with your friends on the weekends because your on Blurt It 24/7 and out with your friends so you never have time to apply and hunt for jobs. You POOR thing. How inconsiderate of me. You've done nothing wrong at all. Stealing your brothers money because u don't have a job makes perfect sense. Wow and to think I was going to judge u. Maxine, ur such a good person.

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