How Do You Get Over Emotional Abuse?


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Dear Squiggles, i am a survivor from an emotionally abusive childhood, and have had several abusive relationships. You never completely get OVER it. However with prayer for the WILLINGNESS, to forgive, and counselling, you can learn to overcome, and incorporate this experience into a valuable lesson and possible tool for helping others to deal with it. My spouse was as you said, and with prayer he changed. Do you realize what a MIracle that is? The recovery rate for abusers is so low! They must want to change, and if he did that for himself and you, Praise God. Do not throw in his face past behaviors or you will be abusing him. Learn to trust God, Yourself and HIs. Gratitude, and patience, hard work and determination are the key. Being a victim can be a habit ploy to gain attention and sympathy. Be Careful you do not fall into that trap. Be Blessed & Congratulations.
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I so agree with you pencil, and thanks for the uplifting message in your answer!!! I too as a child was sexually abused. It took me a long time to approach the matter and DEAL with it. But, with God's help, and guidance it has become a lot easier. I can't say that I will EVER forget, but I won't let it control who I am any more. I have a life and I can live it the way it was meant to be lived.....FREE and not in bondage from what my mind wouldn't let go of. I certainly hope that made sense.....thanks again!!! Janes
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Seek professional help so you will have a mediator that will and can explain in a different way the things and message that you wish to convey to the other party.
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Got you covered ma'am. I do rate all answers i find. Wish others felt the same.
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You can never completely get over abuse of any category but for all you take the same steps; accept, forgive and then you heal. The first step is to accept the abuser as an abuser, don't accept the treatment but you should accept that is the kind of person they are then personally the most difficult step to forgive them for what they've done and then you begin to heal the damage left to yourself. After these steps that I went through I began getting over it but honestly I know I'll never truly be over it.
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I was severely neglected as a child and lived through an abusive marriage. I go to Al anon. Even though it is for people with alcoholics in their family, it is a philosophy and a way of life, with practical steps for anyone. Go 6 times and you will see whether or not it is for you. It is much more helpful to me than the individual counseling and the support groups for abuse survivors because it is a plan of action to achieve healing.
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A good counselor and the willingness to desire change, and forgiveness of the person that abused you is the answer.
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God forgives we have to learn to as well otherwise we are putting ourselves above god
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I am so sorry for your pain
I am a recovering doormat. I wrote many articles on this topic. I think that you might this one helpful

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