I Have A Leaking Heart Valve What Is Cure And Is It Permanit?


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Depends on how bad of a leak /defect you have....to fix it takes surgery,again how involved a surgery depends on how bad a defect you have. In some repairs they can go through a vein/artery to repair it. With todays advances in surgery you mite be able to have surgery done through 2-3 tiny holes by a robot operated by the surgeon....when my brother had his repaired years ago (20) they had to go through his chest/ribs to perform the surgery....but since I am not a heart doc I would discuss it with them and if you feel better with it talk to a second doctor for another opinion....after all it is your body...later....oh! And as far as the repair being permanent that depends on the surgery and if you follow the doctors orders to the letter after the surgery....later
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My doctor said I had leaking valves and want to know is; will I have to have surgery later on down the line. He never talked about it to me worried about it.

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