I am in chronic congestive heart failure. I have a defibrillator for emergencies; my heart is working at 20 percent, and I also have stents - one in my chest and both legs. I have had a Mitral valve replacement. I am very weak and get dizzy upon standing or bending. Is there a way to improve my condition?


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Judith, sounds like you have a lot of heart issues. Your weakness and dizziness is obviously due to your heart. With an ejection fraction of 20% the weakness is probably not going to go away. To help with the dizziness when you stand, try sitting on the edge of a chair or bed for several minutes, give your heart a chance to catch up with the movement, then stand slowly. A multivitamin may help some, maybe you should talk further with your cardiologist regarding treatment. There is such a thing as a heart pump to assist your heart, you might ask him if you are an appropriate candidate. Good luck to you! :)

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