I'm afraid I'm suffering from depression. I feel like crap,like noone cares about me, even my bff who's like a sister to me. I mean if I died today I don't think anyone would care. I'm srry for this post but does anyone have a suggestions to help me?


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Kelsey Adams answered
I'm sorry I'm going to be a little mean, but Ela, you know I care. I don't know what makes you think I don't. I'm always going to be your bff, and I'm going to keep reminding you that I've been in the depressed state your in about 8 years ago, when my dad died. You have great friends! Leona, Maggie, Lizzy, and me. You made the account, and I hunted you down. 
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max atwood answered
I have been there. Still am sometimes. Pills help. But ultimately you have to know. Most of the almost 7,000,000,000 people on earth will not care if you died. However someone will notice that you are gone. I know its weird but it makes me feel better to know that the "observer effect" and the "anthropic principal" mean that my existence is not meaningless. Look them up if you want. I hope it helps you too.
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Mandy Clark answered
Remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count!:) if you ever feel This way, just keep that in mind. Tell your friends that you appreciate all they do for you. Spread happiness, like the quote "What goes around comes around." it doesn't HAVE to apply to negative things, it goes for positive too. Good luck:)
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Arthur Wright answered
Sounds like youre beginning the onset of depression so seek your DR and he can help  control this before it gets too bad
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Adrian Masters answered
Well I care. Now you know. Some one cares about you. If you want to chat follow me. I am here for you. :)
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alicia grayham answered
Well try doing something positive for once , I'm here 2 help you .. Maybe be active by doing some sports , like tennis , or listen 2 music or something else you prefer will take stress away from you . Good luck!!

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