Please help me ASAP. I think I am depressed, but I'm too scared to tell anyone?


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AnnNettie Paradise Profile

Do not be afraid! Help from others can often mean the difference between life and death to a severely depressed person. 

So if for some reason you are unable to find support at home, it’s all right to find a friend to confide in, and pouring out your heart to a mature trusted friend is a big help. If you feel sad or depressed from time to time, never forget that many other youths have had the same feelings. In time, those feelings will usually go away. 

But in the meantime, do not suffer alone. Let someone know that you are hurting. All the best to you! :)

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No need to explain anything to anyone .. Other than you want a check up with your doctor.  You are simply not equipped to self diagnose.  Depression is something only your doctor can properly treat.

Don't confuse 'feeling' depressed (which involves feeling sad and defeated) with clinical depression (which is an imbalance in the brain) .. They are NOT the same thing.

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