I've been throwing up with a low fever for a week now. I went to the doctor three times but they have no clue what's wrong. I hardly eat or drink anything. I'v lost 4 pounds and people have said I lost a lot. Why? And anyone know what could be wrong?


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You can still hace the flu with a low temp, I would drink plenty of fluids (something with electrolytes in it to help hydrate you), make sure you still eat even if you do throw it up, take some flu (and anti-nausea medication to help with the vomiting, a low temp can be caused by having low iron levels so take an iron supplement or a multivitamin w/plenty of iron( a multi-vitamin would be better to help give your body a little boost), and vitamin c will definately help you too( I use those  vitamin c immune booster drink mixes, raspberry flavors pretty good, and plenty of rest, hopefully after all that for 3-7days you will start to feel betterGood Luck
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You could try seeing another doctor,as this could be a sign of possible diabetes.

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