I Have Been Spitting Up Grey Matter From My Lungs For A While Now And I Am Concerned What Could This Be?


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Coughing up grey mucus could be a symptom of a whole host of ailments involving the chest. The dark grey appearance usually signals the presence of blood in the mucus bought up from the lungs.
If you are a heavy smoker though sometimes the dark looking liquid is tar which has formed on the wall of the lungs. This will generally work its way out of your system in time but it is recommended that you quit smoking during your period of recovery.
There are many other conditions however, which can involve the process of hemoptysis, or the coughing up of blooded mucus. These include bronchitis and pneumonia most commonly, but also lung neoplasm, aspergilloma, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, coccidioidomycosis, pulmonary embolism, pneumonic plague and Cystic Fibrosis. Rarer causes include hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, or Goodpasture's syndrome and Wegener's granulomatosis.
Treatment depends largely upon the underlying cause of the problem. Many different types of treatment can be used, like iced saline or topical vasoconstrictors, such as adrenalin or vasopressin. Selective bronchial intubation can be applied to collapse the particular lung in which the hemorrhage is occurring. Laser photocoagulation can be used to stop bleeding during bronchoscopy. Angiography of bronchial arteries can be performed to locate the bleeding, and it can often be stemmed externally, surgical option is usually the last resort however.
Due to the fact that so many illnesses can cause this problem it is strongly recommended that you seek medical advice immediately so that a doctor can diagnose the problem and decide on an appropriate treatment.
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To btbinkster: Obviously the poster isn't talking about grey matter from the brain. I know you're trying to show off your knowledge, but if you go to see a doctor and say you've been coughing up "grey matter" there is no way they will think you're coughing up pieces of your brain. You'd have to be one retarded doctor. And this guy doesn't need to see a neurologist.

I've been coughing up the same stuff for a while now. But I've also been hitting a lot of bong. Just stop inhaling gray stuff into your lungs and you'll stop coughing it up.  

If you aren't a smoker then yes, I would see a doctor.
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Your question is best answered by a doctor you should go and be checked out immediately.
I know that the grey and sometimes greenisch looking matter I was spitting up is linked to COPD and chronic bronchitis those are conditions that should be treated by a medical professional.

If you are a smoker or former smoker or if you around smokers is it very likely that you have one or both of these conditions and getting an answer to what it could be will not help you, you need to get a a check up so you know for sure and then you need to get proper treatment if needed.

If you are still smoking my advice would be quit immediately, there are new meds Dr's can prescribe to make quitting easier. If you are around smokers have them go outside to smoke, second hand smoke can be as bad as if you where smoking yourself.
Good Luck
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Going to the Dr. Is your best choice. Have you been around a lot of dust, fire, ashes, etc? It could be you are coughing up the gunk you inhaled. But do see a Dr. Especially since you said you have been doing this for awhile. That is not a good sign. A day or two I would let go but not past that.

Go to yahoo and put in coughing up grey mucus I found a bunch of info on what you are asking.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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I believe it is a build up most commonly related to smokers. I spit the stuff up too and it ain't pretty. It could just be build up but your lungs are the exact same color dude. It could be pieces of our lungs. I'm for sure going to try and quit. For some reason it started when I stopped smoking pot and kept on with cigarettes. One would think the opposite would happen but there it is.
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I think you should get a check up for that by a good doctor.It might be some type of stone or other disease of lungs which moght worsen if you do not get a check up.
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Even if if you smoke, go too the dr. Especially if you find even traces of, dark red blood, it appears brown. Also look for bright red blood. It ght not be a simple lung infection, they usually appear foamy white, then, turn yellow, then green then gray, if this is the case, you are in bad shape. Please go to the doctor. This is probably, serious. Good fortune
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Do you smoke? If so, that's why. IF you don't smoke, it's probably nothing,
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with all due respect that's an insanely ignorant response, one smoking isn't the only thing that leads to that, 2 if they do not smoke than obviously there is something wrong, the human body isn't meant to secrete dark grey matter from the lungs especially if they are a non smoker. I mean honestly who coughs up large black and grey chunks and thinks hmm, that's normal.
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i agree with Taylor, definitely not normal - no need to stigmatize smokers either. Enough of that already in the world. Not that we should condone it either...
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April36 that sounds so serious. I think you need to go straight to the doctor before it gets worst
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I think you may be a little confused in your use of terminology to describe your symptoms. If I were a doctor and you told me that you have been spitting up grey matter, I would be quite alarmed if I didn't know any better. The reason for my tremendous concern is that in the absence of any other information, a continuation of these symptoms and I would expect you to begin to have memory problems, confusion, problems with your balance and movement, along with a decline in intelligence and every other severely debilitating symptom that I could possibly imagine resulting from battling a bad infection with the infamous flesh eating bacteria. The reason for this dire prognosis is simply your use of the expression "spitting up grey matter," which already has a well entrenched meaning for the terms "grey matter." In biology, medicine, or any of the life sciences, the expression "grey matter" is commonly used to make reference to any non-specific tissue, collectively as a whole, any material within the skull that we commonly refer to as the brain (without specifying any particular portion of its anatomy.) You may have been spitting up something in the way of a grey material, perhaps some kind of mucopoly-saccharide, but using the expression "grey matter" to describe this material could be very misleading. But whatever it is that you decide to call it, I would very strongly suggest that you see a Neurologist immediately, preferably yesterday, or even last week. Best Wishes.

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