My mum is always moaning. How do i deal with it? She's a major cause of my stress, and hearing her voice makes me feel depressed.


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Hey listen I feel the same...ive been receiveing abuse from my mum but I'm learning that , let her say what she want , she's just a mother and they love to moan! Its in there genes! They all do it! Everybody is in the same boat as you..but we learn to ignore it , I know its hard my mum always swears at me and stuff but it doesnt bother me , she just needs to moan and thts it..she'll let go before she starts her new lecture..8) deal with it , it''ll be over soon when you are old enough to move out..and then you're going to wish she was with uu! 8)
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so true, only 2 years, 3 months and 26 days left :) I like to listen to songs like let it go and ones that have a similar message then when she is yelling at me i can sing them in my head :)

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