If social anxiety disorder affects millions of people, why have most people never even heard of it?


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Sarah Johnson answered
It's the same with most mental illnesses.
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kate warren answered
THIS! I wish everyone could read this. There is not enough publicity about mental illnesses. I have an eating disorder and most of my friends didn't even know what that was when I told them. The world needs to know the seriousness of these problems.
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Everyone knows what anxiety is, whether its social or whatever the case may be Anxiety is what it is and everyone knows about, everyone knows what anorexia is or can relate it to a eating disorder, there isn't much anyone can do about these things though from yourself, the problem is with the individual and only them and there Doctors if need be can really offer any sort of help, best thing to do is live a healthy and happy life style, don't worry be happy and completly revel in the things you like to do, because all Mental Health problems start and stop with the individual
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Because doctors and specialists now just call it Depression,which for them, means they can diagnose any anxiety or nervous-related disorder as that.It affects millions, but the downside of it means it can be too easily diagnosed with generic medication.

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