I think I've got diabetes... How would I know? I've had headaches for 3 years. I get dizzy all the time and my eyesight is bad... Help!


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I am a type 2 diabetic and the symptoms you would notice are feeling thirsty, tired, sick, also getting regular thrush is also a sign. If you get ANY of these symptoms go and see your doctor. I got this when I was 18 and it is very serious so please don't take these symptoms to chance. The headaches and eyesight could be down to general changes to the eyes like needing glasses.
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If you had diabetes you would know you would pass out a lot you wouldnt be able to drink any soda unless it was diet you couldnt eat ice cream or cake and if you did eat of a lot of the stuff above you would go into a coma so I doubt you have diabetes.
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Possible here but a DR would have to run some tests to be positive here so contact your DR to get started

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