How Could My Eyesight Suddenly Improve After Years Of Wearing Glasses?


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Give up on alcohol. Months after stopping alcohol consumption, my eyesight improved.
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It happened to me too. What I noticed is I have been taking multivitamins first time in life for the last 2 months and my eyesight went from 4.0 to 3.0. I am 39 years old right now.
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 Sounds like a miracle to me. Wish my eyesight would improve.
I can think of no other reason for it.
Good for you.
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I am trying to figure that out myself and I think I know why. I am nearsighted (can't see far away) and started wearing glasses in second grade cause I couldn't read the blackboard. I stopped wearing my 2.0 contacts because I lost my job and couldn't buy anymore and then my glasses disappeared. I went without for a few 6 or 7 months (now, already, it's 9 or 10 months) when I suddenly realized that lately, I'd been able to read street signs. Now I sit much further away from the computer and don't read with my face in the book.
     At first I thought I was imagining this but now I know I'm not. Family and friends who I haven't told this to ask me why I'm sitting so far away or how I can see signs and stuff.
I think a combination of things may have done this.
     I was a drug abuser for 12 years, the last 3 years of that were really bad.... I turned myself around, checked myself in, abandoned my neighborhood and friends, went to my family and intensive therapy. I've been totally back on track and clean and eating on a regular basis for 18 months now.
     So there you have it.  It really makes sense to me that this lifestyle change could have improved my eyesight. Now I intend to eat foods that contain the minerals and vitamins for eye health, which I was looking up when I wandered here to see what others thought about their eyesight improvements. There are plenty bottled pills for eye health and natural remedies and I'm sure they work.
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I had this happen to me too.  I went from -2.00 contact in my left eye to no contact and -2.25 in my right and now -1.75.  Did you learn anything else?
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Perhaps you ate foods that contained nutrients that are vital to eye health and helped you improve your eyesight naturally?

If you have a look at the site you'll find a list of nutrients that improve your eyesight and the kinds of foods that you find them in. You'll find the same thing but more dedicated at


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