Stomach Problems, Throwing Up, Neck Hurts, Head Hurts, Hurt Windpipe To Stomach. Can You Help?


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The back of my head and neck hurt on the left side....what could this be? It's been going on for 5 days now.
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Feel along the area of pain; do you feel a string of knots? If you have them they could either be lymph nodes or muscle spasms. Either way you need to find out what they are. If muscle spasms, a good chiropractor can help; if lymph nodes you need to follow up with your doctor. So start with whomever you think, first. A chiropractor can tell a lymph node from a muscle spasm.
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Ask your doctor to test you for gastrial esophegial reflux and diverticulitis or an esophegial hernia
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My husband had the same problems he ended up having the reflux and eventually the hernia then he found out he had the diverticulitis all along thats what brought the others on..
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The head and neck symptoms make me wonder about meningitis.  Have you had a fever?  You definitely need to get to your doctor to find out what this constellation of symptoms indicate.

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