Could Asthma Cause Your Windpipe To Be Sore?


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Yes, this is possible because asthma can cause an inflammation in the lining of the bronchial tubes which are connected to your lungs. The allergens within asthma that cause the bronchial tubes to inflame trigger the muscles that surround the airway passages to tighten. This creates a sore feeling in your throat and eventually the airways narrow and cause trouble breathing.

Asthma can occur due to many different factors, one of which is when you are exposed to allergens that are carried through the air or are contained in food. In addition, lifestyle factors such as exercising or smoking can asthmatic reactions. The symptoms vary depending on the severity of the condition for different people. They can include wheezing and trouble to breathe normally, and on the other hand they can be life threatening. Pain that is felt within the throat related to asthma is known as asthmatic bronchitis which is caused when a person suffers from asthma and is experiencing bronchitis with all the relevant symptoms from both conditions.

These relevant symptoms consist of a cough that produces mucus and lasts for months at a time, as well as a sore throat, tiredness, wheezing and chest compression. Moreover, you may find it hard to breathe normally while sleeping, have a shortness of breath and feel tightness in your chest. There is however things you can do to help prevent yourself from getting asthmatic bronchitis. These include eating a healthy diet as well as refraining from smoking and high exposure to pollutants. In addition, aerobic exercise helps to keep the muscles in the respiratory system strong, and getting plenty of rest will help to control your stress levels which can be a contributing factor to asthmatic bronchitis.
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Air quality is not the issue here. What medicine are you currently taking? Their are several types of asthma and other combined ailments that can happen in the throat and lungs. Most albuterol inhaler must be used the correct way to not cause the throat to become sore. Open you mouth wide(do not in close your lips around the inhaler) squarely give each puff centered holding one inch from the lips. Press and repeat the same. The medicine is actually hitting you throat and not going down to your lungs correctly.
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Dear jacky41

asthma could cause sore throat but, only
if your coughing a lot...
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Yes it can and redness/itch or irritation too
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Yes it can but not the cause please get some checks done on your windpipe get the speech and language to do it they checked mine
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Yea it son has asthma and that happens to him. Get a room humminifer to help with that

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