I Have Hemochromatosis And Having Liver Pain. What Kind Of Pain Reliever Is Safe For My Liver When I Have A Headache?


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Okay, first you need to go and see your doctor and ask him/her yourself. This is too sensitive a question to just take the advice of someone else. It's not called your LIVER because it makes you smell good.
Tylenol is one of the most toxic drugs to the liver, SO... Don't take that. Aspirin might be a better choice, because it will thin your blood a bit and you can loose about a teaspoon of blood through your stomach lining when you take it. Blood loss like that can't really hurt a hemochromotosis patient, as blood loss is what saves our lives.
HOWEVER, please go to the doctor and ask this question. OI had pain in my liver and it was from FAT.. Nice wake up call... Take care and best of luck!
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Go to your physician, Avoid Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and other over the counter drugs for pain until then.

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