At this second, I have a very painful headache and another pain in one of my ears. What could be causing this?


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If you are feeling dizzy, tired or sick... You might have a cold or fever if you are feeling tired and sick. You may want to lay down/go to sleep in a warm area (maybe under blankets if possible) it is normal to get sick at this time as in most places (US, Canada) are pretty cold. Just remember when it goes away to dress warm when it is chilly and cover your neck so the cold doesn't get in. Don not be afraid to go to a doctor!! If you are feeling dizzy and/or tired you may have a head injury or some type of problem going on.  If it continues to hurt for a while, don't be afraid to go to a doctor!! Again. Stress can also be a factor just make sure you aren't extremely anxious or mad or sad or anything. Meditate if you want. Listening to quiet slow music will also work. Hope this helps!

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