I Did Oral To Someone That Is Infected With Chlamydia, Can My Unborn Child Get Infected From That?


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Chlamydia IS infact transferable through oral sex, so I have no idea where the above answer was coming from. All I know is that if the Chlamydia is NOT treated before child birth, that the STD can be transferred from mother to baby. You can always ask your OBGYN for further verification. Since this was posted so long ago, I'm assuming you already had your baby. Best idea would be to both get checked to make sure.
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Chlamydia is a genus of virus like bacteria. It is gram negative. It can cause eye infection in man and birds. Some strains of Chlamydia are responsible for STD. The transmission of this problem requires contact of genitalia. Oral sex does not transfer these bacteria. Your baby is safe.

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