Working With Someone That Has Mrsa How Easy Is It To Get Infected?


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Some people over react yes Mrsa is a very serious infection to the person that has it. I have been a nurse for 15 years, I was also a caregiver to my father that has it. The only way to contract the infection is blood to blood contact and that means air can not touch it . If someone has a scratch and you go to clean out the wound, I would wear gloves, but there is no way you good get the illness unless you had an open cut and rubbed it right on his open cut, with out air touching it pretty hard ha. Yeah. You can get it sharing needles.  If the person has pneumonia or a bad cough I would wear a mask for protection. I studied up on this hard when my best friend and my father had it. I took care of both of them completely and never have a got it. So be careful but don't worry to much
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You see this is what is concerning about this is the different answers we are getting. We were told by the nurse if this person touches something and the mrsa strain is on their hand and we go behind them and touch that area we then have the mrsa strain on us and can carry it to others.
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You need to talk to the Doctor himself he can give you the best answers I am sure or google the physicians journals on MRSA maybe they can help you too. But I have been there and dealt with it myself did alot of research but look it up for yourself and talk to the dr. To feel more secure. Good luck
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I work in the medical field in a nursing home. It depends on the amount of interaction that takes place. But usually you will carry the virus but it will remain dormant and not infect anyone else.
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Any scratch they get, open wound of ANY kind will put you at risk. It's very serious and should not be taken lightly.
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In the work place it was just reported to staff that there are a couple of people that have mrsa and we are being told that simple hand washing will prevent this. I am very concerned due to some of the research that I have done but, the company seems to think we are blowing it out of proportion and shouldn't be worried what should we as staff member do?
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I used to work in the OR as surgical tech. MRSA is very contagious thru open wounds...even the smallest of scratches, paper cut, etc. Just washing your hands will not get rid of MRSA. Hopefully the folks that have it will be extremely careful and conscientious about it.

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