What's the most physically painful thing in the world?


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A kidney stone which is even worse than giving birth
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For me it was when I was 12. I dislocated the growth plate in my left hip and they had to put 4 screws in to hold it in place. When you become an adult there is a bone that grows to cover it. So they exrayed it every six months until the bone started cover it Then joy to the world the 4 screws had to come out. Ouch ouch ouch!!!
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Addilynn All Star
Ohhhhhhh.....not good! I think i'll agree that dislocations are very painful!
Adrian Masters
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The second time they cut into me to remove the screws was really painful. My hip just ached!! :(
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I think the most PAINFUL thing possible is somethin about a nerve in your back that when it's penetrated it radiates the most pain ever. I don't know I saw it on TV once where this guy could withstand all pain. He even stuck a thin metal pencil-like thingie through the flesh by his chin up through his mouth out his upper lip or somethin.
The most pain I've felt was when I had to get stitches right on the underside of my chin. It was slashed open from falling on ice. The doctor-guy injected numbing stuff STRAIGHT INTO THE GASH WITH A FREAKING NEEDLE and it hurt sooo bad and I started crying silently. THAT was pain. :( Btw I was 11.
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I did not make sure,but I dare to say spine problems.
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Seeing the Take That on the Telly
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Getting 18 stitches in my knee after falling off my bike pretending to be speedway racers when I was 11 and then getting run over by 2 others racing me.My knee was never the same after that and I had to eventually give up ballet -  sob !
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I haven\'t done this, but I would say giving birth. Something I\'ve done that\'s painful is break the wrist I write with and have it reset. It hurt!!!!!
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I haven't done this but I heard about this surgery to make you taller where they screw nails into your legs, then fracture it on purpose by hammering it, then they put this brace on your legs. For the next four months you have to stay in bed 24/7, and the brace is stretched out little by little every day, so the bone heals a little, then they stretch the brace, and so on. I don't think you're even allowed to walk without crutches or anything. All of this pain to grow only 1-2 inches. And during the surgery, the person was under anesthetics of course, but the feeling of nails screwed into your skin for 4 months..... Ugh. That's the most painful thing I've ever heard about, I would never do anything like that.
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Addilynn All Star
Ohh..seems painful..and very disturbing..im happy with my height!
Hayden Hansen
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Yea they have that surgery in Russia, and I enjoy being an inch shorter than everyone else because people baby me and think I'm adorable! XD

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