What Is The Most Painful Thing That Has Ever Happened To You?


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Have had several bad injuries during my lifetime, but I think the worst was when I got electrocuted, taking a hit from 480 volts 3 phase, up the right arm, thrthe shoulders, and down the left arm.  I got nerve damage as a result, with the pain receptors locked in the "on" mode.  Pain medications were completely ineffective.  Took around 6 months to wear off.
(was tempted to tell a joke I like telling folks.  I tell this little story about how on a hunting trip I had to squat in the woods, and unwittingly got my "manhood" caught in a bear trap... Second worst pain in the world.  When people naturally ask me how that could be the second worst, what could possibly be worse.. The answer is "Hitting the end of that 30 foot chain".)
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Yeah. Good thing a friend was standing right there and yanked me off the wires, or I would not be here typing this today.
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Happy that your friend was there b/c we enjoy you BillZBud :)
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I was electracuted whan i was ten 250 watt shudders!
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Scalped myself in a motorcycle accident. Sewed back on and a week later became infected. Stitches had to be removed, scalp lifted, washed out underneath, and restitched. Pain killers are not given when there are head injuries as I found out in a most unpleasant way.
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You are making my head hurt just by reading your answer!
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I really felt that pain OUCH!
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I have had 16 hrs of labor, 2 c sections and 2 other abdominal surgeries, 2 breast biopsies and a few other painful procedures. But the worst pain ever was having 2 root canals, and surgery on a tooth, My whole mouth hurt for months and I couldn't eat (did lose 20# though) That was the most physical pain, but the pain I have gone through since I lost my husband has been far the worst ever. It actual hurts physically!
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I once fell off my bike in a very painful way.  i was going down a steep downhill ashphult driveway (my driveway). I was only holding 2 the left handle bar and ended up only braking the front wheel! And guess what.... My bike ended up tipping front. I feel 2 the right and my bike did the same... But it fell on me! And i ended up hurting my nose. I had a big deep cut and just kept bleeding 4 about 30 mins! And that hurts-- alot!
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Giving birth to a child is no picnic in a park.  But I would rather go through that then what happen to sy1508!
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One very painful time was when my sister and I used to feed squirrels by hand. There was one squirrel that neither one of us could feed. My sister finally fed it. When I was small I wanted to do everything my sister did so I tried to feed it. The squirrel mistaken my finger for the peanut and bit down on my sooo hard it wouldn't let go! Finally it did. My finger had a big mark that I still have.    Ive had many times this is just one.
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When I was a a game and I had on my pretty cheerleading outfit and a bee goes right up my skirt and stings me on my thigh. It was then that I discovered that I was allergic to bee's. Lucky I swatted it away before the stinger got to deep. OUCH!! It was swollen very badly, 6 inches from the injection sight there was still severe swelling. That day I was so scared, I only went outside if I had to.
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Well, I guess you could say I am young, so I haven't had many horrible experiences yet. But the most painful thing for me so far has been when I got my tonsils taken out, and it got infected. I couldn't eat anything but ice cream for three days... For some people that would be a fun thing, I know. But it hurt to even try and shove that down my throat.
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I had to have a bowel reduction done twice and I am still having problemes with it.I still can't eat and the last surgery was Jan of this year.They took all but 5 inches of my colon left.If I eat then I am not able to go to the bathroom for several days and I am still getting sick to my stomache.
Losing my father-in-law...yes my "father-in-law"...to watch him suffer was the worst pain imaginable to me.  I was there as he lay dying and felt an immense feeling of greatfulness & sorrow all at once.♥
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Umm im only young so not many bad things have happened to me yet... But one time i was at my friends house helping her outside with her garden and i wasnt wearing shoes and i stepped into the mulch and the was a half smashed glass bottle and it went into my foot and i had to pull it out, it didnt actually hurt that much for some reason, but thats still the worst thing happen to me.
Oh and another time i spewed 29 times in one day. Which REALLY hurt my throat and i lost ALOT of weight.
Hope this is what you where asking for :)
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When i was 7 my back yard pool was being built and there was rebar everywhere! So i was skipping between the rebar when i tripped and fell yikes! It sliced into my ankle and deep! I prob needed 2 stiches but didn't get i have a skar there... Oh and when i was 9 i accidentaly slammed my 1 ans 1/2 year old brothers finger in a storm door the tip was hanging bye a muscle luckly he just needed stiches but that was by far worst seeing someone i love so much in so much pain that i knew was my fault i still have it eating me alive to this day!

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