Is It Normal To Have A Headache For Two Days?


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Yes.  Try taking some extra strengh Tylenol.  If that does not help go see your Doctor and he/she can perscribe some thing for you that may help.  Don't take any thing that your doctor does not reccomend.  Especially, if you are pregnant.  You don't want to harm the baby.  I would also recommend increasing your fluids.  You could be dehydrated that could cause a headache.  Also, limit your time in the sun and heat can cause headaches also, among different types of smells.
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A really sever headache yes. But if it gets worse and last longer than that go see your dr it could be serious
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Hello it is better you go and consult doctor or have hot coffee and relax for some if it is not normal, it is best consult doctor, don't take any medicines without consulting doctor. Bye

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