How Do You Cure Chapped Lips?


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Okay the best thing not to do is lick your lips! After washing your face, take your cloth and wet it in really hot water, wring it out, and wipe your lips. You should see some dead skin coming off. After about 5 or 6 mins of that , take a tooth brush an apply petroleum on your lips and take the tooth brush and gently brush them. It is really important to wear some form of chap stick. Let it be chap stick or lip gloss you need something on them all day! At night for extra care, rub some vaseline on them just before you go to bed. 95% Satisfaction!
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Well chapped lips are normally a sign of dehydration. So basically just make sure you drink enough water. Also make sure you don't suck on them, some people have a bad habit of doing that and it can make it worse. Vaseline works but its kinda gross, so find a good lip balm and apply before you go to sleep and when you wake up.
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"Nutritional deficiencies—such as those of B-complex vitamins and iron—can play a part in scaling of the lips. So make sure you're okay on that front with a multivitamin supplement,"

Neoteric Alpha Hydrox lotion, applied to lips throughout the day will eliminate chapped lips. Originally used as a facial moisturizer we discovered several days later that our chapped lips disappeared, and over the past two years, each time we've switched moisturizers, they came back.
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Don't lick it and drink a lot of water!!! And keep using chopsticks!!!
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I took Accutane as a teen and it permanently dried out my lips it seems.  The dermatologist suggested Aquaphor, which is a petroleum jelly-like product that's available behind the counter but without a prescription at the pharmacy.  A tub of the stuff is kind of pricey (around $25) but lasts FOREVER (I'm on year 4 I think).  I slather it on at night before bed and it keeps my lips moisturized until the end of the day.
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Vaseline or petroleum jelly is the best solution for chapped lips. You can also use cream from freshly boiled milk for the lips. Drink lots and lots of water, at least 10 glasses/per day. If you smack your lips, avoid it from now onwards.
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Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly?! PLEASE! Yeah, go ahead and rub gasoline/crude oil all over you SKIN! Do NOT use Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly or Carmex -These all are based on petrochemicals. If your lips are sensitive to anything, the first thing you should do is eliminate all chemical products you are using (especially anything made with crude oil or petroleum). Many bodycare products in the U.S. Contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (and various derivatives) which causes CANCER. Solution? Go ORGANIC!
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All I can add to this is don't lick them; it makes it much worse
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What i do is rub alcohol on them and then, use vasaline. it feels so much better...
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A doctor once told me that the best oil for the lips is natural body oil. He said take some oil from an oily place on the skin such as the nose and rub it on the lips. Might sound a little disgusting but it seems to work.
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What I do when I get chapped lips I buy some lip scrub the best to me is Mary Kay Satin Lips it really works, and after I use that I put on Chap-Stick or a mild lip balm.
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Make sure you are drinking 8 8oz. Glasses of water a day. Also, if you put vaseline on your lips before bed, it helps by the morning to restore moisture.
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Drink water. The more hydrated your body is the better your skin and lips will look and feel. Water is a great way to improve your health. Also you can put Vick's the menthol rub on them.
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Personally, I have found that drinking more water will help the situation. If not, then try putting something like Vaseline on your lips at night. If Vaseline is not an option, try something with a lot of vitamin E.
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Try not to lick your lips, this will dry them. I use an SPF 15 lipstick and that helps. Also, vaseline
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HYDRATE yourself! The peeling of the lips indicate that there is not enough internal hydration to maintain intact skin. The person with chapped lips has other dry skin areas also. Drink 6 - 8 bottles of your favorite water DAILY !
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If your lips are chapped CONSTANTLY, then you might consider going to the doctor's, to get a special lip balm, but, the best that works for me, is Carmex. It has a website, if you're not familiar.
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If your chapped lips has been a recurring problem, it may be best to get a prescription from your doctor. I was prescribed an antibiotic ointment (Fucicort) which worked wonders. After it is treated ensure yours lips are kept moistened Carmex works very well.
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There are many things that can cause chapped lips and there are several different ways to treat it (of course) I see that it is already said to try drinking more water and use petroleum jelly. Vitamin deficiency can also be a cause so make sure you are getting your vitamins.

Some other treatments that are out there can be bought at most stores or pharmacies. I have used such things as neosporin lip treatment, carmex, and other lotion based moisturizers. Some help prevent (like chap stick) instead of helping cure it once they are already chapped. The one that is $25 sounds kind of expensive but if I was to add up what I spend, it would probably average out the same if it has lasted several years as they stated.
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Just take some chap stick and keep rubbing it on until they not chap no more do it every day you heard!!
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Go and suck on a lemon.

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