What Causes Excessive Chapped Lips?


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Chapped lips would typically result from the loss of moisture from your lips particularly upon heavy breathing done through the mouth or even licking of the lips. A more severe case of chapped lips would be considered to be Angular cheilitis. This would generally include infection along with deep cracking in the region of your mouth.

Precise causes of this disease are unknown. The sores in this case would usually become infected by thrush, that is, the fungus Candida albicans, or possibly other pathogens. Some studies conducted have established links between the initial commencement and certain nutritional deficiencies. These would be vitamin B (Riboflavin B2), iron deficiency anaemia as well as Cyanocobalamin B12. Thus, it could be indicative of poor diets or even malnutrition.
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My lips have been chapped excessively. They feel like a dry film is on them and my lips burn if come in contact with anything acidic. I use chap stick every 15 minutes to no avail. I do have low B12 and am currently taking shots every month. How long will this last?
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If you have a habit of licking your lips all the time, that could dry it our pretty bad, or if it's wintertime, for some reason the cold seems to dry out your lips. Try not to lick them a whole lot. Keep carmex and chapstick with you, especially during very cold weather.
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Dehydration and skin disorder.
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Infection? Your body changes with the seasons. For instance, my whole body becomes extremely dry during winter. I really don't think my lips are infected, let alone my whole body. It's just the air sucking out the moisture because it's winter and it rarely rains, so the air is dry. (Thats why you don't see many people run humidifiers, which put moisture in the air, in their houses during the winter, unless they're sick and use it for their sinuses) so the simple answer is sleep with some kind of long lasting chap stick on them, buy/use a humidifier if you can afford one. If not, no big deal.

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