Just By Brown Spots On Palm Of Hands And Inside Mouth, Can You Tell If One Has Peutz Jaeger And Should Their Children Get Checked Out As Well Even If They Do Not Show. Are There Any Signs Of It Yet ?


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Peutz jehgers syndrome is genetically inherited. It is characterized by hamartomatous polyps in the intestine and hyperpigmentation in the mouth and on the hands and feet. Other clinical symptoms may include cycle irregularities in females, female like breast development in males, Gastrointestinal intussusception with bowel obstruction,  unexplained intestinal bleeding, abdominal pain, tissue prolapse from rectum, and Precocious puberty. Almost 50% of the people with this problem get intestinal cancer and die at the age of 57. As this syndrome is genetically inherited, children with clinical symptoms like brown spots in mouth, hands & feet should be checked.

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