Can Marijuana Effect Your Eyes In The Future?


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May be effecting your eyes,the reasons as follows:
Large or long-term use of marijuana, the human body would cause serious harm to health:
(1) neurological disorders. Excessive smoking can occur consciousness, anxiety, depression and so on in people's willingness hostile or suicidal impulses. The long-term use of cannabis can trigger mental disorder, paranoia and delusions.
(2) memory and behavioral damage. Abuse of cannabis makes the brain memory and attention, calculation of power and judgment receded, people thought retardation, wooden satisfied, memory disturbances. The long-term smoking can cause degenerative brain disease.
(3) affect the immune system. Cannabis can damage the immune system, resulting in cellular and humoral immune function, vulnerability to viruses, bacterial infections. Therefore, those who smoked marijuana over oral cancer risk.
(4) The use of cannabis can cause bronchitis, pharyngitis, asthma attacks, laryngeal edema and other diseases. Smoking a marijuana cigarette on pulmonary function in 10 times larger than a cigarette.
(5) affect motor coordination. By excessive use of cannabis can damage the muscles of the coordination function, resulting in standing balance disorders, hand tremors, loss of complex operational capability and the ability to drive motor vehicles.
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This article is completely innacurate and fraught with grammatical errors. Marijuana is no more dangerous than a mcdoicheeseburger, and should quite simply be used in moderation. No studies have shown that marijuana can cause ANY of the symptoms listed above. The person who posted this article is quite obviously an uninformed idiot who has been led astray from the truth. It is true that in instances where the person has a preexisting mental condition marijuana can TEMPORARILY worsen it.

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