Can Cognative Behavior Be Caused By A Brain Tumor


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One's cognitive behavior (behavior that is caused by cognition, or thinking) can indeed be affected/influenced/caused by a brain tumor, if I am correctly understanding your question.

For example, depending on the location of the tumor, brain tumors can induce schizophrenic (, multiple-personality manifestation, delusional thinking and behaviors/reaction) and psychotic behavior (violence) and behavior that is obsessive/compulsive, etc. This is why psychologists first ask patients for their medical history and date of last phsycial examination before treatment.
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Cognitive Behavior is a term that refers to the theory that out feelings and behavior is caused by out thoughts and is not effected by external factors such as people or situations. There can be several causes of Cognitive Behavior such as neurosis and psychopathology disorders such as mood swings and anxiety disorders but there has been no scientific significance of the fact that it is caused by Brain Tumor.
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Yes,like amore01 mentioned it depends on tumor's location in the brain it can cause different manifestations physical(loss of balance, loss of vision) or behavioral(change in behavior,personality changes, see the list amore01 gave above).
When an otherwise healthy patient complaints of new onset of cognitive or psychiatric problems that are not connected with outside causes or other illness, the brain tumor could be a possible cause and as amore01 mentioned psychologists and psychiatrist start their evaluation from full medical history and order necessary blood work and ask other doctors for consults to rule out medical causes first.

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