What Is Emo? Is It Emotionally Disturbed Person? How Does The Classification Of Emo And Cutting Come Together? Is It All Mental Disorder, Depression?


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I may not look emo, but at some times consider myself so.  Now I will not agree with most of what has been said thus far.  I do at times write disturbing poetry, but write things that are more or less love songs.  I don't cut myself.  I don't dress like I'm depressed.  I wear what I want when I want to: Usually a shirt, armsocks, a hat, and my CONVERSE.  If anyone has a problem with it that's fine!  It is not a mental disorder and not always depression.  I have been known to randomly wear a tie and half finger gloves...I don't have long hair over my eye nor do I have multiple piercings. Everyone needs to quick classifying people by what they wear... The emo trend was originally in the 80s!!
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I do not agree with labels like 'emo' they do not exist, they are silly things that society had made up to separate us and cause nothing but evil upon the world
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Ok being EMO is just a way of describing a way a person dresses.... The all black clothing and the eyeliner. That sort of thing. The cutting part and the EMO part don't come together. A "cutter" can never be classified in a category such as EMO. Depression isn't a mental disorder. But yes plenty of mental disorders have depression involved. I hope that I have helped.
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Everything that Oojighabba said is partly correct. If you just look up that question in yahoo or google it will tell you that it is a form of music relating to rock genre. EMO is also referred to as emotional depressed. In the dark. Lives for pain. Is very miserable. But, They are normal people just like us. Normal? What is normal? Anyways... I had this friend her name is Britney and She used to be so happy and she used to wear different colored clothes and sometimes make her own accessories. Well, oneday, she saw this guy who was Gothic and Emo and stuff and she then dressed the same way so he would notice her and go out with her. Well, ever since, she has been Emo and gothic. I think that it is a mental thing. Not knowing what EMO atcually is and exploring it yourself and then i guess the person just gets used to dressing like that. I think that the color of clothes sets your mood. And if it is dark and depressing of what people wear, it means they are kind of miserable in a since of CONFUSED! Anyways.... Hope i answered that question.
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Emos and goths are 2 different things GOTHS have the black clothing and eyeliner and black nails and listen to heavy metal and are generally rebellious; EMOs on the other hand cut themselves write disturbingly horrid poetry and listen to heavy metal & sad songs they dress the same as goths but try to fade into the faces while goths are generally loud and proud. Emos are usually  severely depressed (they dress in a way that shows their feelings, goths dress in black just because "normal" people don't) (I've known both types as good friends before and I am *almost* goth)

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