Which One Of Sidney Sheldon's Novels Deals With The Mental Disease Multiple Personality Disorder?


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The novel in which Sidney Sheldon has mentioned the mental disease Multiple Personality Disorder is 'Tell me your dreams'. It is the story of a girl named Ashley Patterson, who is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder yet she is unaware of it. She has two other alters named Toni Prescott and Alette Peters, who know her but she does not know them. Unknown to her but known to her alters, Ashley gets involved in several murders most of which are committed by her alters. The murders that Ashley has committed herself are still a clandestine matter to her. She does not even know why she did those murders, neither could the police find the motive behind those killings. However it is an entrenched reality that she has done those murders. But what counters this reality is another ironic truth that she does not know anything about those murders and even two of the people whom she had unconsciously killed. In steps David, an attorney who represents Ashley on Ashley's father's request. With his brilliance and his sincere dedication, David manages to prove that although Ashley killed all those people, she was not aware of what she was doing and thus she is not guilty. But the mystery behind her disease still remains an unsolved enigma, the divulgence of which is the major highlight of the novel that leaves the reader gobsmacked.

With his brilliant storytelling flair, Sheldon has kept the readers hooked till the very end. Never would one feel even a modicum of ennui or the desire to skip pages. This toe-curling, soul-ripping saga is definitely one of Sheldon's best works.
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The naked face
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Its Tell Me Your Dreams

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