How AIDS Is A Harmful Disease?


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In this century the most chronic disease is AIDS, which have no vaccination. There are the following sever problems which are caused by this disease. HIV is the virus, which is the cause of AIDS.
The latest research on HIV shows that the HIV cause infection and multiply in monkeys but do not cause disease in monkeys. So it shows that HIV is host specific.
Signs and Symptoms
Chronic fever
Severe diarrhea lasting for months
Kaposi's sarcoma (cancer of blood vessels)
Brain infection
Widespread tuberculosis affecting many organs at the same time
The word syndrome is given to AIDS because it is a disease with many signs occurring at same time. Victims of AIDS die within two years. Now vaccine against HIV has been synthesized an its experimental administration in humans started early 2001 in South Africa. The drug AZT for AIDS do prevent virus from replicating.

Mode of Transmission
The HIV is transmitted by inmate sexual contact; contact with blood and breast-feeding.
Health care workers can also acquire HIV during their professional activities.
Avoid direct sexual contact with HIV infected man or woman.
Avoid intravenous drug with common syringes.
Use sterile needles, syringes and utensil.

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