What Causes AIDS?


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AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is not a congenital disease, unless it has been passed from mother to child. AIDS has been acquired from HIV. AIDS attacks the body's immune system; this makes the body vulnerable to any ailment.

There is no known cure for AIDS, the only way in which it can be avoided is by preventing HIV. It takes a few years for HIV to develop into AIDS; the process can be delayed by following a strict food and medicine regiment. HIV can occur due to the transmission of infected blood to a health person. If you have sexual intercourse with an infected person then you could be infected. Semen and vaginal secretions are carriers of HIV and can enter another person's body through a cut in the skin. HIV can also spread if needles are shared. There is a high incidence of HIV in long term drug users. An infected mother could transmit it to her unborn child.

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HIV causes AIDS. The HIV virus attacks a humans T-cells and uses it as a factory to create more replica's of itself. The result is a loss of defense to normally harmless fungi and bacteria and viruses. These attack us and cause AIDS. People could live a normal life with HIV if there were no opportunistic diseases.

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