Can Spasm And Chill Be Caused By A Stomach Ulcer? Also Why Do I Feel Like I Am Going To Have Fever When I Drink Water?


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Certainly spasms can be caused by a stomach ulcer and you should have this checked out by your doctor, as if you do have an ulcer this can become really painful and lead to other complications. Signs that you may have one are; pain after eating spicy or hot food, constant heartburn and indigestion which can become quite severe.
Perhaps you should adjust your diet to a more bland one for a few weeks or so, and include rice, bananas,soft lentils for protein and fruit and vegetables, although not acid ones like citrus and tomatoes,or onions and processed food, which can aggravate it.
Stomach bugs or salmonella poisoning, can also bring cramps, chills and even fainting.
Get yourself checked out, but either way, this more simple diet will help you.

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