I Have A Stomach Ulcer. What Type Of Pain Relief Medicine Should I Take When I've Got Fever...and I Always Feel Like I'm Going To Have Fever After I Drink Water. What Should I Do?


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Stomach ulcers can become very painful, and should always be treated by a physician. There are different types of ulcers and there are many, many causes of ulcers. Normally, a pain medication is not the appropriate treatment for an elevated temperature. Especially, when one has a stomach ulcer. Pain medications can cause additional discomfort by serving as an irritant to the ulcer. Drinking water would normally have no effect upon a fever or the symptoms you mentioned in your question. These symptoms need to be brought to the attention of your physician.

Anytime, a person experiences frequent elevations in body temperature a physician should be consulted. Elevated body temperature/fever, often signifies the presence of an infection. Determining the cause of the elevated temperature is very important because, if infection is present the condition causing the infection will persist and very likely will worsen. The sooner a physician discovers the source of infection appropriate treatment can be given to heal the infection, and control the elevated temperature/fever.

Often an ulcer is an infection caused by Heliobacter pylori bacteria and is normally, treated with antibiotics. However, some stomach irritations are diagnosed as Peptic Ulcers, these are raw patches, which are about 1-2cm in diameter, and they are found in the duodenum. They can occur suddenly and be very painful. Symptoms of indigestion accompanies the pain of duodenal or peptic ulcers. The cause can be bacterial, use of certain medicines like aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen, Maproxen and Diclofenac. Peptic ulcers can also be related to smoking and excessive use of alcohol.

Symptoms such as chronic belching, general discomfort, loss of appetitie, nausea, vomiting and loss of weight. Untreated peptic ulcers can turn into a more severe health problem. I recommend you schedule an appointment with physician in the near future for an exact diagnosis and treatment for your stomach discomfort and elevated temperature.

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