Can Peanut Allergies Be Transfered Through Sperm?


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No, but if you are allergic yes touching etc, smelling peanuts on anothers breath, sitting next to a person who is eating or have eaten anything containing nuts, people have actually died behind the allergic reaction of being near or close to someone that is or had eaten peanut butter, mainly children at school during lunch but it just proves that it can happen, so if you are allergic and have sex with someone that has had nuts in one form or another, I would say yes since seaman is a fluid that enters your body and has some amount of blood in it, so I would have to say yes,I know just such person and she has a food allergy which includes peanuts as being the worse among some others she can only eat turkey as the meat and a certain brand of turkey, there are some fruits and veggies she can not have, these allergies causes swelling and can be fatal if your throat sells and prevents breathing....the best to you

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