Can Medication Be Transferred Through Semen?


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Yes, it can, but only in very small amounts.

If you're concerned about an allergic reaction, testing positive for a drug, or the transmission of medication to an unborn baby, then rest assured that the risk of any of those things happening is minimal.

Can drugs and medication be passed through sperm?
Drugs (both legal and illegal) leave traces in all bodily fluids, including blood, breast milk, urine and sperm.

If you're having unprotected intercourse, the substances in a man's sperm can be absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, and therefore transmitted to you.

However, having sex with someone who's taken medication isn't considered a major risk in terms of the transfer of the drug.

The amount of medication that would make it through to a man's semen is so minimal that it presents no real danger to your system.

Instead, the main risk to your body from unprotected sex comes from the possibility of catching a sexually-transmitted infection.

There are several bacterial and viral conditions that can be passed on through a man's sperm, and these present a far more serious risk than that posed by the transmission of medication.
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Not every medicine is transferred through semen, but some medicines can transfer through semen and cause birth defects.

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