Can Spina Bifida Be Cured?


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Spina (no l at the end of the word) Bifida can not be "cured". It is a birth defect. The diffrent "issues" are "managed".
Unless it is spina bifida occulta, it is diagnosed at birth. Spina bifida occulta is the mildest form, & often there are no symptoms to deal with, especially when the person is young.
If it was diagnosed at birth, it usually will have an impact on the childs health. The problems can range from just lack of sensation in the part of one foot, all the way up to the child needing to be on a respirator just to breath. Most cases fall some where in between. It all depends on how high up the lesion on the spine was. The higher the lesion, the more involvment. It also makes a difference if the spinal cord is in the sac or it is intact, as well as if the sac is enclosed or open. Most children with spina bifida have some neurological problems, as well as orthopedic issues. Almost all babies with spina bifida will have urological & renal (kidney) problems to some degree.
If you have a child with spina bifida, contact the Spina Bifida Association of America, and try to find a local support group. Your going to need the support of other parents that have been down this road.
I had a daughter born in 1982 with Spina Bifida, and although her lesion was low on her spine, & her spinal cord was intact, she neede to have a shunt for hydrocephalous, she had numerous surgeries for orthopedic problems, but her biggest problem was her kidneys. She lived for 24 years before her kidneys failed completely.
I know this is a awful thing to be told, but my daughter had other other problems at birth that complicated her medical care. Today most babies born with spina bifida, if they receive the right medical care, can expect to live a normal life span. It may not be an easy life, & there are some things that they may never be able to do, they can still live a full productive life. Good luck.

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