What Helps Lightheadedness When It Comes On So Suddenly? Does Anyone Experience The Same Thing?


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Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
Light headness can be caused by many things.  Low blood pressure, pregnancy, getting up to fast, low blood sugar, and many more other possibilities.  If you experience it often I would go see your doctor and get checked out, and have a blood test done.  Make sure you are eating and drinking.  If you do get dizzy drink some orange juice and eat crackers is the best to help.  Depending on why you are experiencing it.  I would also suggest that when you get up sit up for a few minutes then get up slowly.  If you are really dizzy sit down.  It may even have to do with your vision.  I would definitely be seen as soon as possible.  Good luck and take care.
Robyn Rothman Profile
Robyn Rothman answered
Low blood pressure causes light headiness, but it could be due a lot of things.  Low blood sugar will also do it.  I've experienced both.

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