Hello, I Contacted Mrsa About 5 Years Ago After A Hystorectomy That Wouldn't Heal. 2 Months Of Vanco Iv . What Are Long Term Effects Of Mrsa And The Immune System?


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It is not possible to be cured of MRSA, it is just colonized and no longer active. You should treat yourself as an immunocompromised person and avoid people that are sick, get flu and pneumonia vaccine, plenty fresh air, exercise..good diet, MD first signs illness, treat scratches and scrapes quickly..take care
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MRSA is abbreviation of Mithicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus which is a resistant strain of staphylococcus bacterium. This is also called superbug bacteria. This bacteria is acquired from hospital and as well as from the community by skin to skin contact. These superbug bacteria attack on cuts, wounds and burns but can also cause systemic infections if inhaled.
MRSA is fully treatable. It is not for lifetime, so there are no long term effects of MRSA.
Your signs of illness are not due to MRSA but can be due to hysterectomy because it can cause many complications in life similar to menopause. If you suspect MRSA then go for the lab test and start again antibiotics.

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brendalee sardella
Yes, I know about the menopause facts I'm going through surgical meno, but I should have worded my question differently.
All the antibiotics I had and have been on and off since all my surguries, 12 in all actually, do you think the over use of these meds , especially the vanco could have something to do with my weakened immune system? I know I'm grasping for straws but, I have so many things wrong with me now ie;, pelvic floor dysfunction/ ibs / Interstatial cystitis, connective tissue damage and constant UTIs that just seem to linger on. Right now I'm fighting a uti, that has been growing out e-coli greater than 100,000 . Seriously I just have to laugh and I know its not funny but sometimes i think I'm on the brink of insanity!!
Where can I find some answers or ARE there Any answers?
Is this just how my life is going to be??
Thanks in advance for any info, and again thank you for your first response!!

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