Why Has My Son Always Got A Snotty Nose?


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Snotty noses are a common problem afflicting children the world over. It is certainly advisable to consult a respiratory therapist about your son's snotty nose. It may not just be a running nose, which is a common cause of concern when the child has a common cold, but it could also be that he has been having the age-old problem of secreting excess mucous or an allergic reaction to something (most people are allergic to some edible item, pets or dust.) He could also be suffering from the genetic disorder compound heterozygote expressing iron overload, which is similar to haemochromatosis, in which case your physician might refer you to a liver specialist.

Consult a doctor about the livers of every member of your family, as heredity plays a crucial role in having a snotty nose at times. It is highly recommended that you get every member of your family to take an allergy injection, though it is a highly expensive affair to get one. However it is an effective treatment to prevent the onset of a chronic "snotty nose" ailment.

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