What If Your Body Temperature Is 99, Is That A Fever?


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In short, no, a temperature of 99 degrees usually indicates a 'low grade fever' but this can be caused by a number of things, not just infection or a virus.
A temperature of around 98.6 is said to be a normal, standard temperature for a healthy human being. When this temperature is elevated and is slightly higher than usual, like the 99 degrees you are saying, this is usually just viewed as 'slightly high' and is an indication that your body is slightly warmer than it should be.

There are many reasons why this could be, maybe you're just too hot. Are you sitting too close to a heater or a radiator? Have you been working up a sweat? Are you wrapped up in too many layers of clothes? Try sitting in a cool area, sip a cold drink and take off any unnecessary layers and relax.  Then check your temperature again in around 15-20 minutes. If your temperature is still showing as 99, there are probably other factors contributing to it.

One of the main reasons that your temperature would be 99 or more is a virus or an illness, such as the flu, a cold or a viral infection. When this is the case, ensure that you remember two very important things, rest and hydrate. When you are sick and/or have a low grade fever of around 99, make sure to drink plenty of water. When your body is too hot, more of the body's water and fluid is dried up and sweated outside of the body, so you have to make sure you are consuming lots of liquids to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Becoming dehydrated can be exceptionally dangerous to your health. You must of course rest lots too, as doing even the most simple of things such as hoovering or changing your bed sheets can cause your temperature to rocket even higher as you work up a sweat.

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A temperature of 99 is usually considered a "low-grade fever" . It may be accompanied with symptoms that come with a fever but is no reason to worry. Many people have a temperature of 99 when they are completely healthy.
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I also have a 99.2 temp and the last couple of days I been home with the flu. Because I work at a hospital they take that as coming down with something so they sent me home. I also have chills, body aches, fever for one day, runny nose, and sore throat. Every time my temp move up to 99 I always get sick a day or two later. Just something to think about.
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I have 99plus in 2days now accompanied w/ cough, chill, body aches, sore throat & slight lbm..I don't think that's normal to me though.... I feel sicked & weaken...all I do was eat fruits and drink lots f fluid...
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Not necessarily. The 98.6 body temp is like the average of 1000 peoples temperatures. To break it down - the temperature of 1000 people was recorded and those numbers added together give a number and it is then divided by 1000. This number is where the 98.6 comes from. I say not 99 is not a fever.
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Well, it depends, anything above 98.6 I hear is considered a fever. My temperature is 99.0, and I have a REALLY bad sore throat, like whenever I talk it KILLS me. I'm starting to cough, and the inside of my throat is red. So, if you have symptoms of the flu or cold, then yes, it is considered a fever.
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That is normal for many people. Ovulation can cause a slight increase in temperature. Some people just run hot. The body may be fighting off something minor.
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My temp is normally 97.5 too. Having it be up only one degree isn't cause for alarm, but if it goes up any higher (like 99.5) you might want to call your doctor just to be sure. As far as I know anxiety doesn't increase your body temperature. I suggest you Viral fever home remedies through this you get instant of knowledge about What's good for fever .

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If you feel that you have a fever, it means that your body is not in order. It is necessary to have a checkup with a doctor.

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