When your under physical strain and see dots of light (stars) shooting across your vision in all directions, what are those and why do you see them?


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Rae Friend answered
Whenever I see silver specs (shooting stars or lights), it means I'm going to get a migraine.  Some people see aurasor light before the headache or migraine starts.  Usually I take exedrin  or some other caffeinated head ache medicine right away after auras or silver specs.  I've been getting those silver lights for years.  Occasionally, I wont't get the migraine, but I usually try and take something.  Catching a migraine before it starts is WAY BETTER than waiting.
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I think you need eye drops or some nutrient is missing if you have more your eye will become red also either sleep and rest your eyes by adding drops or consult doctor it might be an indicator of some problem

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