Am Looking For Something To Tone My Hips & Thighs. Will The Miracle Fat Burning Cream Help?


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That kind of stuff honestly isn't going to do anything for you except empty your wallet for you. There is no scientific data that any of these "miracle" creams, powders, or other concoctions work at all. The best way really, and honestly, is to eat healthy, in moderation, and to exercise. The best way to work out that area of the body is to walk, and to do it daily once you work your way up to doing so.
Start with a 20 minute walk, and on level ground, working your way up to 1/2 hour, then with mild to moderate hills, and as you go on week by week, add more time, and difficulty to your walking. Meaning, make it harder week by week until you level out on a regular routine. Hope this helps you out.
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Rena Chisholm
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Right on Tigg. That stuff is just a scam. Had a friend who spent money on thse "Lose fat while you sleep" pills. What a joke. She never lost an ounce.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you dear, I know that it sounds too good to be true, so,.... It usually is. I love to walk, and in the last 2 yeasr, the medical profession has said that jogging, and running for fitness causes way too much stress on the joints of the body, which will cause early breakdown of them when you are getting older, so,... Walking is the best is what they said, because it's low impact.
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Um no not really. You can buy toners or I read that cucumbers help tone skin. Lolz,but give it a try if you like. Best wishes!
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Nawt!. I recommend swimming,just look  at olympic swimmer dara torres 40 + years of age.
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Perhaps too many potential remedies exist and may complicate the thinking about how to make our bodies healthier. Items like this may provide a perceived benefit, but often one must be on a steady fitness regimen in order to truly change their body shape, as others here have noted. If you like to apply creams, this may actually firm the skin, as this is a particularly hot topic for healthy skin concerns and some effective firming ingredients can be found in OTC type products.  At the following website, there is a Miracle Fat Burning Cream review and also a consumer updated section that may reveal some feedback about the product.

Whenever I give advice on weight loss, I am quick to point out the importance of a proper diet and regular exercise. Send me a message if you want some ideas.  Thanks!
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These damn things don't work! Just exercise,eat well do swimming and be optimistic:) you'll get the results!

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