I Am Experiencing A Burning Sensation In My Upper Thigh. Seems To Be Worse In The Inner Thigh And Tender To The Touch. What Could Cause This?


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Ive had the same and its down to nerves in your back
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I am having the same pain and it was after I had fallen 10 feet into hard concrete that I started having this searing burning pain down from my left lower quad of my lower stomach down threw my inner part of my thigh to my one knee. They have done several MRI Kat scans and Ex ray's and said that it was a ripped nerve I am being told that if it does not get better that I will have to have surgery on the nerve for it to be removed this sucks I am taking Motrin like it's out of style
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This could be a strand muscle., or it could be a nerve problem your having in Your thigh.. Try putting a hot pack on it. Or some icei-hot.for the pain..if this doesn't Work try seeing your dr .. I had this before. Some times they will go a way on Their own.. After your in pain for weeks..  I hope you get better..  
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No offense, but wouldn't it be better to go ask your doctor about your burning thigh, rather than sitting on it and asking people what may be causing it, online?
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Why ask a doctor when you can get useless, wrong, harmful answers from people who know for free?
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That's an excellent point, Toast.[:
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I also have a burning sensation in my thighs at night, and also in my feet at any time of the day, particularly when it is warm out (or in). That's not really a solution for you though.
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Can these people go to there doctors please. There is no answer here... Thats medical situation.... Please visit a doctor for that...
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I have a burning sensation in my upper thigh at night while I am sleeping what can be the cause of it

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