What Are Symptoms Of Blood Clot In The Leg?


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A blood clot in the leg is something to take very seriously. It can in fact be deadly. DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis and is a blood clot usually found in the leg.

The symptoms to be aware of are as follows:

You notice that your leg is swollen.
You are experiencing pain in your leg and it generally feels worse when you stand or walk.
Your leg feels unusually warm and is red.

A blood clot that has formed can partly or completely block blood from flowing in your veins. The smaller type clot will partly block the flow and can cause milder symptoms and in some cases, no symptoms at all will be present. A larger clot will cause the above more noticeable symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms go immediately to your physician, as he needs to have tests done on you to see whether or not there is the presence of a blood clot.
The test will include: The d-Dimer, which in easy-to-understand terms is when the blood is tested to make sure there is no blood clot formation. An ultrasound leg scan is extremely good for finding the larger clots that are above the knee in a patient that has symptoms. It will be more difficult to sight the smaller ones that are below the knee in someone who has very few or no symptoms at all. There will be a need for blood samples to search for problems with clotting that may be inherited. A venogram test is the top test to see if a blood clot is inside the vein, but due to the discomfort of it, is usually kept when an ultrasound’s result isn’t clear and also it’s used in studies.
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My leg in the right side is swollen and red
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Some symptoms of a blood clot include pain, redness, swelling, difficult walking, warm over area
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My lower leg has started to hurt today when I press on it there is pain when I walk it hurts
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I got massive pain in leg hip is out , not sure if pinching nerves or clots got knots in the leg plus knee hurts severe also
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If you go to webmd.com their is a place you can put in your symptoms and get a diagnosis. Check that out and if you think you may have a blood clot you need to go to the doctor or hospital immediately as it is life threatening.  Good luck.

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