What Are The Symptoms Of A Blood Clot In Your Arm?


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You probably know that while clotting blood at the site of an open injury is vital and life saving, a blood clot within the body is abnormal and can cause serious problems. A coagulated clot of blood in a vein or artery can travel to various parts of the body and cause havoc when it blocks the blood flow. The most serious of these occurs when a clot travels to the lungs (pulmonary embolism; symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath), the heart (arterial thrombus/arterial fibrillation; can cause heart attacks), the brain (cerebral embolism; stroke) or the eye (partial or complete blindness). When a clot is lodged in a vein in the arm, it acts as a dam and prevents the blood from returning to the heart. Symptoms include pain, swelling, redness, discolouration or increased warmth in the affected limb. The blood vessel walls may also get enlarged or you may see a hard bruise-coloured lump in the vein. When the blood clot is lodged in the artery of the arm, the limb will become a painful, cool, pulseless extremity.

If you suspect you have a blood clot you should contact your doctor immediately. He may use a variety of tests to ascertain whether the diagnosis is correct, including X-Rays, duplex ultrasound or check the blood for clotting factors and oxygen levels. If blood clots are found, the doctor will give you medication to treat it, generally a blood thinner (anticoagulant). The prescribed regimen could be heparin injected under the skin for the first week, followed by Coumadin orally.

If you’re prone to blood clots, prevention is better than cure. Clothes, including stockings and socks, should be loose-fitting. Regularly elevate your leg / arm six inches above the heart. Move around or change your position, particularly when on a long trip or if prescribed convalescent rest during a long illness. Try not to stand or sit for more than an hour at a time. Cut down on your salt intake. And follow your doctor’s instructions, including wearing compression stockings and doing regular exercise.
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My arm really hurts bad from where I bend it to mah wrist and its really tight to make a fist... Is this a sign of a blood clot???
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My right arm sometimes hurts so bad I am in tears. Mostly my elbow and upper arm. It feels throbs with pain like I have injured it but I haven't. What could it be?
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My brother-in-law has a blood clot in each arm. He has cancer, therefore he has been taking chemo and the blood clots are the results of the pic-line. Is he in great danger? His doctor is talking about inserting a filter to stop the clot from hitting his lungs. What should he do?
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I had a blood clot a few years ago in my arm. Recently I have been getting swelling that arms, numbness in my hand and like muscle fatigue. What does this mean? Do you think it could be back?
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Did this information come from a Doctor that there is a blood clot in the arm,if so he will watch it because any blood clot anywhere can move to the heart and be fatal.....the best to you if you have not seen a doctor and you think it is a blood clot see your doctor ASAP.....the best to you...
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You would have pain and a lot of swelling, as well as a hot spot when you touch that area affected. The best thing to do is to go to the e.r. And get seen. Have someone drive you there. O.k. I have had two of them, and they are not fun to have. Hope this helps you out.

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