What causes my hand to shake? I'll be holding the mouse from a computer and I can't keep my hand from shaking. I let the mouse go and it stops shaking. I also noticed recently I felt weak and really tired and I started shaking, butitwentawayafterrest


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I would see a doctor if it continues, but if you were on the computer too long your hand could have gotten a cramp from holding the mouse. It shouldn't be a bad sign of health risks or anything. But if you feel its necessary you should see your doctor. Hoped you liked your answer. Thanks for reading.
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I'm not going to venture a guess here as several things come to mind and most aren't good so I'll advise you to see your DR ASAP or if things get worse head for the ER here and this way you can be sure.
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Your best bet is to see your DR here as I have have had advanced Paramedic traing in Vietnam so my medical expertise is limited, sorry and good luck

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