I Get The Shakes Real Bad When I Dont Eat. My Hands Shake, And It Feels Like Its Happening To My Entire Body, Is That Associated With Diabetes, Or Is It A Different Issue?


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I suffer of diabetes II and when I don't eat on time I do have some weakness or tremblings, please check you blood sugar (glucose is normal between 65-99 mg/dl). Also, check your thyroid if normal, because before I found out it was slow I also had tremblings and weakness, not able to finish my task or shopping. You could look for an endocrinologist specialist and he/she can check both, they will send you for a special blood and urine tests.  If any problems they will prescribe medication, don't delay looking for a doctor is important to put it under control ASAP, so you do not develop other deseases (loosing vision, cancer etc). When you feel trembing or weak eat somenthing to normalize your sugar. I am on pill and insuling at the moment and I am feeling better. They will prescribe you a little monitor for you to take a drop of blood and test it, to see if it is normal or high. I see  Dr. C. Pitta/Endocrinologist in South Miami, Fl.
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When you wait to long to eat between meals your body starts looking for energy.  It takes this energy from the reserves in your mitochondria which is in the form of glycogen (blood sugar).  Once your reserves are gone your body develops hypoglycemia ( a state in which your body has no energy left to give)  The best way to avoid this lack of energy is to make sure that you eat some complex carbohydrates and protein every three hours or every two if you do a lot of physical work.

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The symptoms you have stated, do sound like low blood sugar.  Check with your doctor.
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I agree. You should check with your doctor.  It could just mean that you've gone too long w/o eating, though.
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That is a symptom however I am hypoglecemic and thats what I do so I snac during the day and always keep pb crackers and juice with me

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