What foods cause depression?


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Elsy Smith answered
Sugars, foods with high fat caffeine and alcohol..
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Iryna Che answered

I read that these foods cause depression: Chips, ham, sweet drinks, margarine and peanuts.  I do not know if it's true.  I do not eat a lot of these products, but I'm familiar with depression.  nootropicboost.com/buy-best-nootropics/aniracetam/ - my salvation, very well helps to fight depression.

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Meg Thomas answered

In fact, nootropics can help with this matter. In addition to solving this problem, nootropics also help to focus attention and, moreover, improve memory performance. Now I am using a drug called modafinil. If you want to know more about this, here is the link https://buyarmodafinil.com/. You can read more about nootropics here.

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Maggie Taylor answered
Milk and dairy products have proteins in it that can effect the brain.
My daughter and sister are effected by white flour and glutton.
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Arthur Wright answered
Eating in itself can be depressing especially if stress eating and eating way more than what you should so its not just some certain foods, it can any food if eating for wrong reasn and too much

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