Can Depression Cause Eye Problems?


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Yes, it can
There has been evidence of a direct link between anxiety and eyesight for a long time, depression also comes with a variety of anxiety symptoms
A friend of mine was diagnosed as far-sighted (hyperopic) and prescribed glasses while suffering from major anxiety, when he recoverd his eyesight returned to 20-20, the optician told him about the link between anxiety and eyesight
Personally I have suffered from depression for many years and have some bad eyesight (myopia), I had an extended period of recovery a few years ago and my eyesight rapidly improved, since then a relapse has sent my eyesight spiralling backward, including some very severe blurred vision which reduced my eyesight to less than 1 foot before severe blurring (very short term, for a few minutes at a time, and only occasionally) and have since developed a kind of blank stare when looking at things, even close up
I have to make a very conscious effort to pick out detail as it's learned behaviour from my time suffering with depression, distant vision is nearly impossible, some days I can see properly for a few minutes before it reverts back to my normal myopia
Depression can affect every part of your life and your body, currently I suffer issues with diminished touch, taste, smell, hearing, eyesight and that's only a few of the many
Never underestimate the damage that depression can cause

and everybody I know who suffers from depression (15+ people) has eyesight issues
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Yes it can. they say that happiness is a cure to all diseases and it is scientifically proven that tension causes many problems to human body so don't be depressed and share your feelings with the one who is closest to you and can understand you, take care
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No. Depression can't cause eye problems. It can cause trouble in sleeping, extreme difficulty concentrating, feeling hopelessness and helplessness, recurring thoughts of death and suicide, lack of energy, weight loss, change in appetite, and sometimes self-hate.
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I'm not sure whether it does or not and asking your doctor may be a good idea.
I can say though that my own depression made my eyesight less effective but that may be because the medication gave me headaches sometimes and then my eyesight was effected by the headaches.
But I would still suggest talking to your doctor about it or perhaps posting your question on a medical website to see if anyone on there can help you.
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No it doesn't have. There is no organic basis for eye problem associated with depression. The eye problem could be psychological felt during those episodes of depression or a genuine eye problem could be there. Better consult an eye surgeon
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I'm suffering from depression,and my right eye has just "blue up" red,itchy,similar to conjuntivitis when I get tired or stressed it gets inflamed,when I try to relax the pain and irritation is greatly reduced,so there is some connection.
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Yes it can, but not about eyesight, Depression and anxiety made my eyes dull and since i have social anxiety which occurred after i had depression, i can't maintain eye contact to another person. My eyes' appearance look like i'm always sleepy or exhausted even i have a sleeping disorder. People ask me all time if i am tired, i'm not tired; i'm severely depressed. Depression is the worst thing you could ever had, do not blame or insult yourself. It may be the worst and the last thing you should do.

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These specific symptoms may be related to a sudden lowering of blood pressure which does happen more when you are under stress, and specifically when changing positions as you have described. That could also account for the fact that light exercise makes it better. Maybe You Should Recommend this to your family doctor.

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I don't think depression can cause eye issues. But it can cause erectile dysfunction issues. Some Antidepressant medicines can cause ED. Antidepressants can block nerve impulses to the penis to cause problems getting or maintaining an hardon or erection. In case of ED you can try Tadalis.

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I have depression and I have eye floaters like blind spots accompanying by sensitive to light ....especially sun light
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Hi I don't think the depression would cause eyes problems but it depends on if it is serious, if it is then you should go to see the doctor who would tell you how to do .

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