When your heart is broken and you feel so much hurt inside how long does it take before the pain goes away?


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No one can say exactly, for definite, because it will differ in different people.
I would suggest perhaps you take a listen to a poignant song or two, on this theme, such as the Bee Gees 1971 song "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?", --which was even more poignantly covered by that great soul Master, Al Green, and is available on Youtube.
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It can take a long time but an easy way to get over the broken heart is moving on try to find someone who is worthy of ur love
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Depends on who it is & how much you loved/ loved them .
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Listen to the Cocteau Twins or The Smiths and that should put things in perspective with their lyrics and songs.
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Daniel Levington
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Sorry listening to depressing music doesnt help, i am depressed enough already
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The Cocteaus are depressing - haven't you heard Cymbaline or Sunburst & Snow Blind.Grow a set already.
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You have to undergo the natural process - denial - acceptance - moving on. How long from denial to moving on? It will greatly depends on the person suffering. The important thing to know is - moving on will happen, you will get there eventually.
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There has no the fast way to forget or remove hurt, just let time cure your broken heart. You will recovery one day!

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